OGP Avant Zip 600

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For fast video measurement of large parts, you want the workhorse of industrial video metrology and the Avant ZIP 600 is just that. It’s the system of choice with manufacturers worldwide – will it be the system of choice for you, too?

Built in 1998, this Avant Zip 600 includes MeasureMind 3D Ver. 13.06 Software, Computer (Win XP Pro OS) and Monitor.


  • Measuring Range:
    • X: 610mm/24”
    • Y: 450mm/18”
    • Z: 200mm/8”
  • Accuracy:
    • XY: E2= (6.0+8L/1000) µm
    • Z: (4.0+8L/1000) µm
  • Workstation dimensions (DWH): 
    • 195 x 1195 x 760 mm, 45 kg


  • Backlight – White Halogen Fiber Optic Illumination
  • Standard Ring Light – White Halogen Fiber Optic Illumination
  • Coaxial (TTL) – White Halogen Fiber Optic Illumination
  • SmartRing Light – Red 6 Ring LED

Intel PC

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