B&S Optiv Advantage 443 Multi-Sensor Optical Measuring System

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The 3D multi-sensor Optiv Advantage 443 combines optical and tactile measurement in one system. It was built in 2011 and comes with PC-DMIS ver. 2011 software, computer (Win 7 Ultimate OS) and monitor. The Optiv features a white light sensor (WLS) and has air bearings on all axes. 


  • Accuracy:
    • X,Y: E1= (1.1 + L/500) μm
    • XY: E2= (1.5 + L/400) μm
  • Measuring Range: 
    • X: 450 mm
    • Y: 400 mm
    • Z: 300 mm


  • High Resolution B&W camera
  • Fixed Optic Changeable Lens 3X, 5X, 10X
  • White Light Sensor (WLS) 
  • TP200 touch probe with 1 standard force module 
  • SCR200 probe change rack – 6 Port
  • Calibration artifacts


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Optiv Advantage 443