Demo & Used Optical Comparators

Optical Comparators

Look around any shop and the equipment with the longest service times is often an optical comparator: optical comparators last forever, are often well maintained in a lab environment, and their simple digital readouts make them easy to use for all.

Optical comparators display magnified images of parts for measurement against specifications. Unlike other metrology equipment, optical comparators do not measure parts directly. That means that the optical components and quality of the image are critical. Look for telecentric optics to help minimize distortion and ensure the best measuring performance.

Optical comparators are prime candidates for rebuilding and refurbishing and can offer great value when purchased used. If you are considering a used optical comparator, contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have, so you can be confident your purchase will meet your needs.

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Why Buy Used?

Most measuring systems live relatively easy lives compared to other manufacturing equipment. In many cases, hardware and software upgrades can make the equipment as good as new. This offers buyers a unique opportunity to save money. While many buyers are tempted by the price, fully understanding the total cost of ownership, including the costs of installation, calibration, upgrading, and repair, will help you evaluate whether you’re really getting a good deal. The bottom line is that used measuring systems offer great value when you make educated buying decisions.